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Welcome to the PRIDE!!

Links to the 2022-2023 Enrollment Application are at the bottom of the page

Becoming a student at Columbus Career and College Academy (CCCA) means becoming a part of a family, the PRIDE family.  Students regularly comment on how our teachers know them and how they are always there to help and support them through their high school years.  As a CCCA student, you will learn to be innovative, creative, driven and a team player that is prepared for anything after high school.  Are you ready?

Enrollment Timeline – Special Dates

Applications Open: January 13th, 2022

March 14th – 18th: 8th Grade Visits (School organized field trips)
8th Grade students will visit CCCA to see how things work in person.  During this visit, students will learn what CCCA has to offer and what sets us apart from traditional high schools. Students will tour through our differnt programs and may even have the opportunity to “get in on the action!” These trips are coordinated between the middle schools and CCCA.

March 29th:  8th Grade Parent Information Night (attendance required for enrollment) 
The purpose of this session is to talk with parents about CCCA, the unique benefits of our program, and the enrollment process. Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to tour through our programs to see the amazing work that our students do.  This is one of the most important sessions as we will be showcasing our CTE programs.  We want all of our students to be prepared for anything that life may throw at them.  Because of this, all CCCA students take CTE as well as college courses throughout high school.  This session is focused on showing what our CTE programs do so that you can choose your program.

April 15th: Applications and CTE Declarations Due


Digital Application for Enrollment in the 2022-2023 School Year (DUE APRIL 15TH)

Downloadable/Printable Application for Enrollment in the 2022 – 2023 School Year (DUE APRIL 15TH)

Student Declaration Form to choose CTE program of study (REQUIRED AS PART OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS) (DUE APRIL 15TH)