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Certified Vacancies – Columbus County Schools
Classified Vacancies – Columbus County Schools

Classified Application Procedures

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Licensed Application Procedures

If you are interested in seeking employment with our system, we are asking that you complete your application on line at  Below you will find the steps you will need to follow.

  1. Go to The North Carolina Application System Web Site.
  2. Create an Account (new users only) or Log On (returning users)
  3. 3. Complete the application.
  4. 4. Be sure to have your application released to Columbus County Schools.
  5. 5. Be sure to click and complete the final step

Upon completion of your application, you are asked to forward an email  be sure to include your social security number or date of birth, in order for us to make sure your application is available for review and consideration.  It will be 24 hours after you complete the application before it can be received by our office.

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