Testing and Accountability

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year with Columbus County Schools! I am extremely excited about this school year and the wonderful educational experiences our children will encounter in each of our schools.  

We are very proud of our achievements from the 2018-2019 school year. While we know that standardized tests are not the only measure of student success, assessment data gives us an indication of how our schools are doing with regards to teaching and learning. During last school year, 71% of our schools earned a “C” or higher on the School Report Card.  We had several schools earn a “B”: Columbus Career and College Academy, Guideway Elementary and West Columbus High.  Acme Delco Middle, Columbus Career and College Academy, Evergreen Elementary, Hallsboro Middle, Hallsboro-Artesia Elementary, Nakina Middle, Old Dock Elementary, Tabor City Middle and Williams Township met growth targets for the 2018-2019 school year. Guideway Elementary and West Columbus High School exceeded growth. We are especially proud of Guideway Elementary School. Guideway is the highest scoring school (including charter) in Columbus County for the 2018-2019 school year.  

My 28 years in education began in the classroom teaching high school math then followed a path into school administration as a high school principal and my most recent ventures included leading the curriculum and instruction as well as human resources for a neighboring school district. These experiences provide me a lens to view our school district with a judicious eye for excellence. With this lens, I can assure that as our children walk through the doors of the school, they will see the results of the hard work from our custodians, principals, teachers and other staff who spent countless hours making each school clean, inviting and truly educational. In the three weeks that I’ve been the superintendent, I have met excellent educators and dedicated staff members which have sparked my enthusiasm for this school year. As each educator strives to support every student to reach their fullest potential, we also want to connect with parents as they assist us with this goal.

The education of children is our most important responsibility as a community. Even though we have excellent people in place in our schools, we still need the collaboration of parents, community members, and businesses to be able to truly provide exceptional experiences for students. If you have some time and would love to volunteer, please reach out to the school near you. If you see a child in your community and you have a chance to let them read to you or you read to them, please take that opportunity to connect. If you have children in your family, talk to them about what they are learning in school to help us keep kids focused on what’s most important—their education. As you meet children at the grocery store, ball field, church, community events, family gatherings or in a school, promote the importance of learning each day and ultimately, obtaining a high school diploma. We know that children will replicate what we model. Therefore, they need to see us reading and writing, speaking positively about education, respectfully talking with others, and living each day as a responsible and productive citizen.

Providing students with a variety of opportunities for engagement such as sports, fine arts, clubs, student government, and of course taking time to study and read is essential. As students become more involved within school, they will have an easier time as they look to their future and decide what type of career they will choose. We hope parents and community members will be involved with our schools by volunteering and attending sporting events and fine arts performances. When you attend these activities and events, please reach out to me as I want to connect with the parents and community as we work together to make this school year the best year ever for our students!

Deanne Meadows, Ed.D, Superintendent
Columbus County Schools 

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