MTSS Livebinder

Greetings MTSS Coordinators!


We are really excited to share with you the news that the SAM electronic platform is live and ready for you to use! We have created some supporting materials to assist with your use.  If you administered SAMs with any of your schools last year, they have been manually entered for your convenience so that you may compare year to year scores.


As we stated in the last email, you (and any other district personnel that will be facilitating administration) will need an NCID to access the electronic platform.  The directions for obtaining this were sent in a previous email but if you need these again, they are here.  Remember, when administering the SAM with a school team, it will go much smoother if the team members have read through the SAM and reflected on where they believe their school is functioning currently.  The PDF of the SAM can be found here.  However, final scores should be entered in the electronic platform or you will not receive implementation levels for your schools.  As we have talked about before, the scoring is a weighted formula that yields implementation levels for each domain/critical component.


Once you have obtained your NCID and are ready to log in, you will go to this link:


Directions for logging in and accessing the SAM electronic platform for the first time can be found in a guide here  and also via video support here.


Directions for administering the SAM via the electronic platform can be found in a guide here and also via video support here.


As you begin entering scores, please be advised that from time to time, a page does not load all the way.  We are hoping this will be remedied soon but in the meantime, just hit “refresh” in your browser and it should load.  Also, you can enter scores using any web browser but the reports tend to show up better in Google Chrome.  Don’t ask us why!

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