Employee Benefits FAQ


Insurance Questions:

  1. I am a new employee and need to enroll in the State Health Plan, where do I go?

  2.  I would like to drop or add dependent coverage to State Health Plan, where do I go?https://www.shpnc.org/

  3. Open enrollment for the State Health Plan is October 1st-31st, how do I access my enrollment account? https://www.shpnc.org/ebenefits

  4. I need a new State Health Plan insurance card, how do I get it?
    Use the Get Id Form.

  5. I am a new employee and need to enroll in dental, vision, group term life and medical spending, where do I go?
    Contact Pierce Group Benefits – North Carolina Service Center at 1-888-662-7500, ext. 100.

  6. When can I make changes to my employee benefits program with Columbus County Schools?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-important-information-enrollment-2018-2019/

  7. For Columbus County Schools employee benefit program, is there an online enrollment?

  8. Where do I get a dental card?

  9. Where do I get a vision card?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-forms-links-2018-2019/

  10. How do check my Flexible Medical Spending account balance?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-forms-links-2018-2019/

Employee Change Forms:

  1. I need to change my name and/or address, what form do I need?
    Name and Address Change Form

  2. I need to change my income tax withholding information, what forms do I need and where do I send the forms?
    Federal W4
    NC Withholding

  3. I would like to change my direct deposit information, where is the form and to whom do I send the information securely?
    |Direct Deposit

  4. How and when can I sign up for installment pay for the summer months?
    Installment Pay Form

  5. I want to resign or retire my position, what form do I use?
    Resignation Retirement Form


  1. When can I retire? Who are my beneficiaries on my retirement account?www.MyNCRetirement.com

  2. What are my supplemental retirement options with Columbus County Schools?www.MyNCRetirement.com
    Universal Availability Notice

  3. How do I enroll? How do I make changes to those accounts?
    403(b) Enrollment

Leave Requests:

  1. Leave request, who do I contact and where do I get the forms for my leave to be approved?

    Classified Leave Request Form
    Certified leave Request Form

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