Principal’s Message


Dear Parents & Students,


The faculty and staff of Acme Delco Middle School welcomes you to the 2019-2020 School year! This year will hold many exciting and new possibilities for our students. Our staff of highly qualified teachers will be providing a rigorous and challenging education for all our students. In addition to academics, students will have the opportunity to participate in athletics, the Fine Arts; band, chorus, and visual arts, as well as some new in-school incentives and activities.

The faculty and administration want our students to be successful! In order to be successful students will need to embrace the whole experience of middle school. Students will need to be committed to their scholastic work, participate in activities, and take pride in their daily work as well as their school environment. A successful student prides themselves in helping others, being considerate by respecting the rights of others, and the authority of his/her teachers and support staff.

I am thrilled to be the principal of Acme Delco Middle School! I have served in Columbus County as a teacher for the past six years and now as a principal. I look forward to watching how our students grow academically, socially, and prepare for the future. I am grateful to work with each of you and encourage you to contact me as the need arises. My email is ( ) or you may contact me by telephone at  (910)  655-3200. Thank you in advance for your support as we have what I hope will be the best school year yet for our students.


Kristie H Leinthall, MSA , BM

Acme Delco Middle School